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Latine Ministry  
Pastor Sergio Rodriguez, together with Interim Associate Pastor Cassandra Nagel (Lord of Life Lutheran, The Woodlands) have been invited to be a part of the 2023 ELCA Young Adult Border Immersion team. They will be in Las Cruces, NM from April 26-30 learning with and providing pastoral care to the rest of the cohort. On May 7th, Pastor Rodriguez and members of his cohort will be leading a discussion on immigration during the Sunday Forum hour. 

Update from the Lutheran Church in Peru  (IL-P)
Since the failed coup and arrest of former President Pedro Castillo in December 2022, supporters of Castillo have protested throughout major cities in Peru. In response, the government of the acting President Dina Boluarte has responded with force against the protestors.  Jorge Aguilar-Pereda of Trujillo, Peru, acting lay pastor of our sister congregations in that city, has repeatedly assured Pastor Rodriguez of their safety and expressed his disgust with the lack of leadership at all levels of government. Though largely unaffected by the majority of the protests in the southern part of Peru, Jorge recently shared the devasting effects of a recent storm on the city, loss of many homes, mudslides, and disruption of services. (See photos).  Below is a letter published by the Presiding Pastor of the Lutheran Church in Peru, expressing a similar frustration against a government disposed against its people. Please pray for Trujillo’s continued recovery from the recent flood and for the country of Peru!