Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church New Foundation

The Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church New Foundation is a non-profit corporation, separate from the congregation, that manages long-term investments for the benefit of the church and its ministries.  The principal activity of the Foundation is to provide grants for strategic purposes to support the ministry of the church and organizations whose purposes are aligned with the missional emphases of the church.  These regular grants may not support the annual operating budget of the congregation but may provide capital for new initiatives, capital needs, outreach ministries, and other appropriate non-recurring priorities.

The Foundation’s board of directors meets once annually to consider grant applications and issue regular grants from the Foundation’s General Endowment Fund, subject to a policy that authorizes regular grants of approximately 3.5% of the three-year average balance in that fund.

The Foundation is also authorized to issue special grants from principal in exceptional circumstances, a power is exercised in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey to provide capital for the restoration of the flooded basement in the Education and Ministry Building.

Finally, the Foundation is authorized to manage endowed ministry funds with capital dedicated to a specific ministry of the congregation, which may support regular operational expenses.  And the Foundation board is a resource that may be accessed by church leadership with respect to matters of long-range strategy, as needed.

Each December church members may submit grant requests to the Foundation to fund efforts in support of the life and work of the congregation, subject to the criteria for regular grants.

Members may contribute to the Endowment directly or by naming the Foundation as an heir in their wills or as a beneficiary on their insurance policy.  The Foundation plans to conduct planned giving seminars to educate members about this important opportunity to invest in the long-term future of the church. Please contact the church office for additional information about contributions.

Past projects funded by the Foundation:

  • Scholarships for seminary students
  • Houston Lutheran Campus Ministry
  • Godly Play Teacher Training
  • Youth trip to Peru
  • Freewheels Houston support for refugees
  • AMMPARO ministry for refugees
  • Christian Community Service Center capital campaign and catastrophe response


IRS determination of tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3)
Application for 501(c)(3) Status

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