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The AMMPARO Committee is eager to announce a new, ongoing giving program that will directly support the families and individuals who seek support at St. James Family Life Center. The center actively supports the needs of a primarily immigrant community in the Garden Oaks/Oak Forest area. Their work includes providing staple food items through their food pantry, rental and utility assistance based on need and emergent situations, as well as outreach to nearby apartment complexes where they connect families with additional resources and support. They have also established relationships with HISD and Pasadena ISD to assist families in developing the skills necessary to support their children in their educational endeavors. The center also conducts citizenship classes, immigration forums, financial workshops, and ESL classes.

In order to care for the basic needs of as many people as possible on a regular basis, the AMMPARO Committee is pledging to provide 100lbs of rice, 100lbs of beans, 40 boxes of spaghetti, and $200/month in rental and utility support to St. James Family Life Center. For just $10 a month, you can provide 10lbs of beans or rice or five boxes of spaghetti to hungry families right here in Houston. For $20 a month, you could be the reason one of our neighbors avoids eviction. For a little over $500 a month total, we can provide food security, stable housing, and hope to new immigrants trying to make Houston their home.

How will this work? With the congregation’s generous monthly support, the AMMPARO committee will make monthly purchases to fill their food pantry and provide money for rental and utility support. Our efforts will help fulfill an ongoing need for food to fill the Center’s pantry and money to support families in desperate situations.

How can I donate? Any and all donations will help us provide for the basic needs of those at St. James. However, recurring donations of even just $10/month can transform a one-time charitable exchange into a source of long-term stability for hungry families. Sign up online now via Christ the King’s online giving page. Simply select the subcategory of AMMPARO and type "St. James" in the memo."

What other ways to connect and give are possible? We also intend to grow our relationship with St. James by offering quarterly community gatherings. We will continue to accept furniture and homewares on a selective and coordinated basis. We will provide communication about volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

We thank you for your consideration for some of the most vulnerable in our Houston community.