Godly Play
is based upon the recognition that children have an innate sense of the presence of God.

All they need is the appropriate language to help them identify and express it so it can be explored and strengthened. The Godly Play approach teaches classical Christian language in a way that enhances the child’s authentic experience of God so it can contribute to the creative life of the child and the world.

Visit the Godly Play Foundation for more about the curriculum.

Godly Play: Every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. for Children ages 2-6th Grade

at the Rice Village Campus

Music Gatherings with Cantor Ben Kerswell and volunteers will meet with all children (ages 4 and up) in the Music Suite to have fun and learn music until 10:00 a.m. After the musical gatherings, children will go to their Godly Playrooms to hear a story, work, and have a feast together.

Toddler Class (Room 109): Sara Harlan and Bette Bowers

Younger Children Class (Room 107): Leslie Winesett and Elizabeth Lloyd

Older Children Class (Room 204): Marie Monroe and Diane Schoppe

Godly Play Door Persons: Oliver Doolin, Paula Doolin, Nancy Graml, Stephan Roth, Andy Winesett

Godly Play Testimonials

As a doorperson, I enjoy listening to the children wonder about the story. It confirms that they are listening even when it seems they aren’t. -Linda Schoene

It is a privilege to be in a Godly Plat classroom with young children. They show so much wisdom and curiosity as they discover the stories of our faith and connect those stories to their own lives. – Leslie Winesett

My favorite thing about Godly Play is that everyone in the classroom has equal access to play and make meaning from the story. The children teach me something new every time. – Courtney Webb

One of my favorite memories of Godly Play is how several years ago one student chose to work with the desert box and some of the little People of God. Instead of telling one of our Godly Play stories, she started telling stories while moving the little people around about a girl in middle school. After a few minutes, I realized she was telling stories about dating, learning that some friends were unreliable, adapting o the work environment and other concerns. I was amazed and gratified to hear that she was using the language of Godly Play to address some of her current concerns with growing up. – Marie Monroe

Children, Youth, and Family Ministry Team

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