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The earliest followers of Christ gathered in homes, by rivers, in deserts, and
public spaces. These communities understood themselves as Ekklesia.

Ekklesia is a Greek term meaning a gathered assembly. This term served to
define these Christians as groups of believers coming together for prayer, the
breaking of bread, and the teaching of the apostles. Be it at Corinth, Antioch,
Jerusalem, or Rome, church was expressed then as small groupings of believers
united in their walk with Christ.

In the same Spirit, Christ the King Church has vibrant groups gathering to
express their walk with Christ in many ways. Here are a couple of examples
(not exhaustive): House Churches, Houston Food Bank Group, Knitters,
Piecemakers, the choir, Young Adults, Lectio Divina, AMMPARO team, New
Member Groups.

This Reformation Sunday (October 29), Christ the King Church is launching an
intentional time of Small Group Ministry. There will be opportunities for you
to participate in new Small Groups, called Ekklesia Groups, and/or space for
you to launch groups which you have on your heart. Here are some potential
ideas: Spiritual Practices 101, Everyday Spirituality, Justice in Community,
Empty Nesters, Families with Young Children and Young Adults with no

For those groups already formed, our ministrial leadership will be providing
intentional resources to you around spiritual practices as we continue to
become a spiritual home. Contact Pr. Sergio or Pr. Jennifer for more info.

What groups would you like to grow in your connection with God, self, and