Good afternoon Christ the King,

Due to the storm that came through our area on Thursday, May 16th that did extensive damage to the surrounding area and knocked out the power, our plans for this weekends worship services have changed.  

We will have worship at our regular service times on Saturday and Sunday.  If we do not have power, we will worship Saturday in the Narthex and on Sunday morning at 8:30 and 11:00 am, we will worship in the courtyard. Please plan to bring a lawn chair and water to drink. We may not be able to offer WiFi or be able to livestream the service, however the service will be recorded and posted to our website, YouTube, and Facebook.  We still plan to honor Chris Bryant with the Scouting America Lamb Award this Sunday at the 8:30 am service.

Our Pentecost Picnic, Graduate recognition, and Reception of New Members will be moved to Sunday, June 2nd and we invite you to plan to join us for those celebrations. 

If you need assistance with debris removal or other services, pelase reach out to Deacon Aimee Elles or Kim Williams and we will work to connect you with help.  If you are willing to help with this for others who need support, please reach out to us as well.