Altar Guild

The Altar Guild plays a vital role in assuring that weekly worship services, as well as special and seasonal services, are conducted in a dignified and reverent manner.

Members work together in teams of four or five each month to take care of on-going tasks, such as:

  • keeping the chancel and its furnishings clean
  • vesting the altar according to the requirements of the days and seasons of the church year
  • caring for the communion vessels, linens, altar vestments, and robes for acolytes, servers, and pastors
  • preparing kits for Lay Eucharistic Ministers to take to home-bound members
  • ensuring communion bread and wine and other supplies requested by the pastor are in place
  • filling the candles with oil
  • ordering flowers for services and arranging for them to be delivered after the services to a member who is celebrating a happy event or recovering from illness

    Arranging for flowers each Sunday is but one of many services the Altar Guild performs.

Also, the Guild is responsible for necessary arrangements for any special services, such as weddings and funerals, as well as for seasonal services. Each Advent the Guild conducts an Advent Wreath workshop where families make a wreath with live greenery and candles to use at home during the Advent season. Members decorate the nave for Christmas. During Holy Week the Altar Guild is responsible for stripping of the altar and nave of all paraments and decorations during the Maundy Thursday service in preparation for Good Friday.  The members then re-vest the altar and decorate the nave during Easter Vigil to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord

The Altar Guild holds monthly meetings to keep members up to date on activities and needs of the church or changes in the role they will be expected to play in services. Their meetings also offer an opportunity for fellowship and community.

Members of the Altar Guild give glory to God with their service and are honored to perform this important role in the spiritual life of the congregation.