Youth Ministry

Our youth and family ministry goal are to guide youth in their identity as servant leaders and nurture their spiritual gifts of service, justice, witness while equipping families with best faith practices. We provide many education, service, worship, fellowship, and travel experiences for our youth and families at Christ the King Church. The following are highlights of the year.  Friends and visitors are always welcome to all events!

Faith Together (Fellowship): 

Luther League: The CTK Luther League is open to all youth in 6th-12th grade. The group is a combination of youth who are members and non-members of this congregation. We meet on most Sunday at 12:30 p.m. in the basement youth room for dinner, fellowship, games, films, discussions, Bible Studies, and time to relax and connect with peers. Depending on the time, sometimes the middle school and high school youth will divide up during discussion time to allow more in-depth and age-appropriate conversations to develop.

Summer Mission Trip: Every summer, the youth schedule a mission trip to help outside of the community. Mission trips are determined by the youth and leadership team. We will focus on Lutherhill Outdoor Ministries for our Jr High students.  Our high school students have a three-year rotation with our sister city congregation St. Thomas in Leipzig Germany, ELCA Youth Gathering, and a mission trip determined by the youth and leadership team (more information under Travel Opportunities).

Faith Study: (Prayer Life) 

Confirmation: Every Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:35 am, students will come together to prepare the youth for their affirmation of baptism in their 8th-grade year. Each lesson is developed to be able to reach all those that are multi-intelligences so that it is not lecturing. Confirmation is a program for 7th and 8th grade but 6th-grade youth are welcome to attend. We have a two-year rotation Bible and Small Catechism. See our Confirmation page for more information.

Sunday School: Sunday education focuses on the development of the faith of our children and bringing back these lessons to the family unit for further discussion. Sunday school is every Sunday at 9:45 am-10:45 am. The middle school students meet together in room 208 for confirmation class. The high school students meet together in the basement youth room where they learn through devotion in scripture and current events in the community.

Faith in Action: (Service and Leadership)

Service Opportunities: Families and youth are given an opportunity to serve in multiple roles in the community. We support the Houston Food Bank, Sea Farer Ministry, Bright Stars of Bethlehem, Freewheels Houston, Lutheran World Relief, and Feeding the Homeless. Service opportunities depend on the needs of the community and the passions of the youth ministry.

Worship Service: Families and youth are given an opportunity to serve in multiple roles in worship through service as acolytes, crucifers, servers, bell ringers, greeters, and ushers. More opportunities can present themselves throughout the year.

Travel Opportunities:

ELCA Youth Gathering: Youth who are in 8th through 12th grade are encouraged to come to the ELCA Youth Gathering in Minneapolis on July 24-28, 2022. Each day youth and adult leaders will gather to hear the day’s Scripture text articulated by engaging speakers and Christian musicians, as well as stimulating video and interpretive dance. During the middle of the day, congregational groups will participate in a three-day activity rotation that includes a day of service in the city, a day of exploratory learning with other groups from their synod, and a day of interactive learning in the Convention Center. Last ELCA Youth Gathering brought over 31,000 youth and adults to Houston, TX.

Peru Summer Trip: Youth and adults are invited to participate in our partnership Lutheran Church in Peru for a cultural immersion trip. Some highlights of the trip include visiting Lutheran churches in San Andres and Lima, excursion trips to either Iquitos or Cuzco, visiting archaeological sites, and shopping. Our next trip will be in the Spring Break of 2021. For more information, please contact Ben Remmert, Director of Youth and Family Ministry or Beverly Davis, Director of Congregational Care.

Germany Trip: Youth have an opportunity to travel to Germany during spring break once every two years. The days are framed by morning and evening prayer in historic churches where Luther lived and taught. Throughout each day there are all kinds of options ranging from recreation and service to history, art and hands-on in-person learning and fellowship. Day trips are offered to Eisleben, Wartburg Castle in Eisenach, Erfurt, Dresden, Berlin, Wittenberg, and Leipzig. Highlights of the trip include staying overnight Augustinian Monetary in Erfurt where Luther studied, visiting Wittenberg to see the famous door where Luther nailed the 95 Theses, white water rafting in Leipzig, Wartburg Castle Tours in Eisenach, staying with host families in Leipzig, and so much more. Our next trip is Spring Break of 2022.


An up to date calendar of events for Middle School Students and High School students can be found here: Luther League Fall 2020 – Spring 2021

All youth that participate in Luther League activities need to fill out a permission form which can be found here: Luther League Permission Form


Contact Deacon Ben Remmert, Director of Youth and Family Ministry for more information. Our volunteers follow Safe Haven guidelines, policies of our volunteers and staff to protect children and youth from abuse. Guidelines can be found here: CTK Safe Haven Guidelines.