WOW – Water Only Week

water_to_thriveWOW        Water Only Week
August 25 – 31

Drink only water during the week

Set aside the money you would usually spend on soda, juice, coffee, etc. and place it in the mission offering on August 31.

All are challenged to drink only water for a week and contribute what you would normally spend on coffee, soft drinks, juice, etc. to Water to Thrive, a grassroots ministry that provides fresh water wells in East Africa. And just in case you can’t give up your coffee or tea, simply add up how much you spend a week a week on drinks and donate that amount to our one-time mission offering for Water to Thrive on August 31. 

Every 15 seconds, a child dies from drinking contaminated and disease-filled water.
Only 1 in 3 rural Africans has access to clean, safe water.

Sunday Forum on August 31 – 9:45am in the basement classroom
Water to Thrive Presentation

A presentation on the faith-based organization Water to Thrive will be given during the Sunday Forum on August 31 by Rita Carlson and Dorothy Chesley. They traveled to Ethiopia with W2T in the summer of 2011, visiting the people in villages where water wells had been completed or were projected. They also traveled to historic Ethiopian Orthodox Church sites and the Mekane Jesus Evangelical Lutheran Church. Dorothy and Rita are retired RN’s, engaged in several volunteer activities including the Texas Health Ministries Network.