Liturgical Calendar

The Sunday Assembly is the principal gathering of Lutheran Christians. We meet of the first day of the week to celebrate and proclaim the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Sundays of each year are gathered into three cycles:

  • the Incarnational cycle of Advent and Christmas at the winter solstice
  • the Paschal cycle of Lent, the Three Days, and Easter in the springtime of the year
  • the remaining Sundays progressing after the days of Epiphany and Pentecost.

    Children lead the procession into the nave on the Sunday of the Passion / Palm Sunday.

Further, we celebrate annual observances and festivals of the saints, apostles, evangelists, and days of special observance, such as Reformation Day, the Holy Trinity, and Christ the King.

The days and seasons of the year are marked by biblical readings that shape our proclamation, colors that adorn our ministers and central places and spaces of worship, and rituals that invite our prayer and praise in the spirit of days and seasons.

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