Contemplative Worship

A meditative service is held every Saturday evenings at 6:00 p.m. in the nave. Contemplative spiritual and prayer practice spans the ages from ancient to post-modern times. Prayers for peace will rise on Saturday out of the stillness of prayer and reflection. Our contemplative activity leads us to the celebration of Holy Communion and sends us into the world, our own and the world at large. Join us for this meditative worship experience including hymns, Taizé chants and plain song, all so to deepen faith and empower personal lives for peace-making.

Prayer Around the Cross on the first Saturday of each month.
A wooden cross on the floor of the altar sanctuary confronts worshipers with the suffering of Christ on behalf of humanity. In its presence the suffering of the world and our own burdens come to light. Christ gave salvation to all on the tree of the cross. It is on this same tree life might be restored. Worshipers may choose to meditate on the cross from the pew or may enter the sanctuary and kneel at the cross.

Prayers for Healing Blessing on the second Saturday of each month.
Prayers for healing complements the Prayer Around the Cross. This service offers the option for persons to come forward for a prayer with laying on of hands and anointing with oil. The congregation accompanies and supports the individuals coming forward with songs of hope and resurrection faith. The Prayers of Intercession will deliver to God petitions on various aspects of healing. Gathered by the Holy Spirit around Jesus Christ, the Word of salvation, we pray for God’s healing in all its dimensions.