Font, table, ambo, and organ on axis in the nave at Christ the King Church.

The word worship derives from an Anglo-saxon word — werth ship — and implies that in worship we ascribe worth or honor to the one being worshiped. Certainly when Lutheran Christians gather to worship we are bowing in honor before the Triune God who is worthy of such praise.

But we could be deceived by the word worship to think that Christian worship is primarily about what Christians do when they gather. Rather, worship in word and sacrament, as enacted especially by Lutherans, is perhaps more primarily aware of what God is doing in our midst. In worship in word and sacrament, God gathers us in mercy, speaks to us, feeds us, and sends us in mission to the word.

At the very least, Christian worship, and especially Lutheran worship, is a public event where God acts and then we act in response — in thanksgiving, prayer, praise, and lament.

All are invited to discover the information about worship at Christ the King Church on this website — and most of all — be welcome to worship in word and sacrament with us.