What is a 72 Hour Lutheran?

It is a person who happens to be Lutheran and has enough supplies in their home to meet their household’s basic needs for 72 hours. Being prepared to take care of your own family allows you to then reach out and help others.

Why this amount of time? If the Gulf Coast is hit by a hurricane it takes, on average, a majority of most governmental, state, and private entities 72 hours to respond. The goal in our synod is to have a majority of our people prepared at the basic level by creating 72 Hour Lutherans which, in turn, lead to the natural creation of 72 Hour Congregations…able to take care of their own needs and available to respond to the needs of others. Let’s be ready for mission this season! Find more information on gulfcoastsynod.org:

How to become a 72 Hour Lutheran
Preparedness Resources
Response Resources