Wednesdays @ Church

Fall 2018: September 5-November 28*
Christ the King Church comes together every week of the school year for Wednesdays@Church or W@C. All activities are centered around dinner together. There is music for children and parents, singing for children, classes and music for adults. With dinner at the center there is ample time to make and meet friends.


Dinner 5:30-6:40 p.m., parish hall
Table grace and devotion 6:00 p.m., parish hall

Children’s Music
PreK-K music 5:30 p.m., room 011
Infant music 5:45 p.m., room 201 (council room)
Toddler music 6:15 p.m., room 201 (council room)
Junior Choristers 6:15 p.m., room, 011
Choristers 6:00 p.m., room 001

The 5 O’Clock 5:00 p.m., room 301
Confirmation Class 6:15 p.m., room 204
Study Classes 6:30 p.m.
Six Weeks with Mark, room 301 (conference room)
Love Your Neighbor, room 006

Brass ensemble 6:15 p.m., narthex
Choirs (Chorus and Choir) 7:30 p.m., room 001/011


*Stay tuned for Halloween activities on Wednesday, October 31. No dinner, no choirs, no children’s and youth programming.