Wednesday Night Alive! Adult Classes January-April, 2016

Adult Catechesis for New Members
A Worthy Writing Resolution For the New Year
I Asked for Wonder

Adult Catechesis for New Members Offered on Wednesday Evenings
All who wish to join Christ the King Church or would like to know more about this community of faith, are invited to attend a seven week class on Wednesdays, January 27-March 16 from 6:15 – 7:00 p.m. in the third floor conference room, with Evening Prayer following. Dinner will be served at 5:30 p.m. in the parish hall. We use Luther’s Small Catechism as a guide for our discussion of the Lutheran expression of faith and give an introduction to the congregational and worship life of Christ the King Church.

A Worthy Writing Resolution For the New Year

Here’s a worthy resolution for the New Year—put your family stories on your list.
The Life Stories Workshop can get you started on this task. When you share in this writing experience, you’ll find that it becomes easier to gather these stories. We have prompts and themes that will get you started. Each session varies with differing emphasis on both themes from our lives and other skill building.
In the fall sessions we looked at different ways of capturing our histories through video and audio projects. For the spring session, we’ll explore the open source offerings from the major universities in the United States and England so that members can further your interests in learning about writing. We may even take on an interactive course called “Learning About Learning.”
We welcome new members to this group. Our first meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 20, as 4:30 p.m. in the second floor conference room. Our session goes until 5:45 p.m and then we adjourn for the wonderful Wednesday night family dinners. This program is among those offered for the congregation’s Wednesday Night Alive! family program.
The Life Stories Workshop has had a long run—over 12 years writing. That has always been gratifying and rewarding. We’ve covered a lot of ground, including the history of the congregation with video interviews from long-time members of the congregation and staff. Those were published as written stories in our book, “Window to the Past” (
Our gathering recipes and stories from the congregation members was published as “Grandma’s Secrets: Recipes and Stories for Grand Occasions (”
For more information, contact Anna Fay Williams,

I Asked for Wonder

Kristine Wallace will lead a discussion class on the book I Asked for Wonder. A Spiritual Anthology by Abraham Joshua Heschel. Abraham Joshua Heschel was one of the great spiritual teachers of the 20th century. As Professor of Ethics and Mysticism at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America from 1945 to 1972, he involved in himself the issues of race and peace. In 1965 he joined the march from Selma to Montgomery with Dr. Martin Luther King. He was also involved in the Second Vatican Council.
Reuven Kimelman of Brandeis University wrote about Heschel: “There is as much need for compelling models of righteousness as there is for precision in determining what is right. While religious ideas may engage the mind, it is the religious person who makes the religious option compelling. We too often presume that the purpose of saints is to provide triumphal adornment for the tradition, when in fact, comments one observer, their task is to wrest that ever-receding tradition into immediate availability through the medium of their own lives. Heschel made his impact by the wholeness of his person, by his passion for social justice, by his scholarship in the Jewish tradition, and by his religious thinking on the human situation.” (from Melton Journal, No. 15, Winter 1983, “Leadership: Portraits of Challenge, Vision and Responsibility.”)
Heschel was born in Warsaw in 1907, a descendent of a distinguished line of Hasidic rabbis. During the 1930s Heschel taught and wrote at the university in Berlin, Germany. He escaped the Holocaust thanks to the efforts of Julius Morgenstern, the President of the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. Heschel spent most of his career teaching at Hebrew Union College in New York City. These selections from his works can provoke discussion and reflection today. His editor, Samuel H. Dresner, writes: “To Heschel, wonder leads to piety, and piety to holy deeds; for without the deed, wonder and piety are incomplete. And the deed, he taught, is always possible because man is not alone; God is ever in search of him.”
The book is available at for $11.99: I Asked for Wonder: A Spiritual Anthology, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Samuel H. Dresner (editor), Crossroad / 1983 / Paperback. CBD Stock No: WW05425