URGENT NEED: Drive-Thru Food Drive for CCSC THIS SATURDAY from 1-3PM

The CtK Young Adults saw first hand the need for far more donations to CCSC during their volunteer day this past Saturday, and CCSC has sent out the “bat signal” to bring in more donations as they are currently getting almost everything from church food drives as they cannot use their normal channels. Therefore, Christ the King will hold a “drive-thru” food drive this Saturday in the back parking lot from 1-3PM. Of course, social distancing and good hygiene will be practiced. Please help with whatever you can provide, including the following which will help the most:
Hearty soups (with meat or beans)
Canned tuna
Canned chicken
Boxed dry cereal
Canned vegetables (all types)
Canned fruit (all types)
Cleaning wipes
Toilet paper
Bar soap
Baby wipes/diapers (sizes 4, 5 and 6)
During this national COVID-19 crisis and its resulting economic impact, more people than ever need the emergency services that CCSC provides. CCSC is practicing social distancing and good hygiene in their food pantries (deemed essential services), and the staff and volunteers are all in for how vital CCSC’s work is right now. Currently, CCSC is getting 80% of their food/goods from donations as the normal channels have been unreliable. Please take a moment to donate funds through CCSC’s secure website  or purchase items from CCSC’s Amazon Wish List