Update about our Life Together & Corona Virus- March 14, 2020

Dear Members and Friends of Christ the King Lutheran Church,

Greetings again in the name of our healing Lord. I write to remind you that we will hold worship services and the education hour as regularly scheduled tonight and tomorrow. However, we encourage those who have any illness and those who have health vulnerabilities to remain home.

For those who are self-isolating, the Sunday 10:50 a.m. worship service will be livestreamed via our Facebook page. All you need to do is to click on this link here: Facebook event and link. It is scheduled to start tomorrow at 10:45 a.m. You can like, share, and set a personal reminder for the live stream on Facebook right from that link as well.*
Or you can go to our Facebook page (https://facebook.com/ctkelc) and click on the appropriate “event” link. After the service we will archive the video on both Facebook and on You Tube for those who cannot be “with us” in real time. That link will also be posted on our website (www.ctkelc.org)

As for you who can and will attend church, we will practice good verbal and non-touch skills that we already have begun. Some have asked about the baptismal font (given other news reports from around the country). The science mostly agrees that touching the water is safe, but (given “mostly”) is still inconclusive. We have disinfected the font and its base. For now, it is prudent simply to “remember your baptism” with your eyes and minds, not hands. And, since Lutherans already are well-practiced at social distancing, it is okay to spread out and even prefer the back rows (insert appropriate emoji here).

Caring for each other and our neighbors
We cannot anticipate how long we must do ministry in this exigent way. As I noted in the letter of March 12, we may need to adjust more. We are mindful that we are members of the Body of Christ who care for each other and our neighbor near and far. Your ministry staff is working on new ways even of deepening our communication with each other, including worshipful meditations and brief Bible Studies. We also already have a special fund dedicated to helping people in distress. Now that our more vulnerable sisters and brothers may need help with procuring household goods and food, these funds can be designated for their relief. If you would like to make a special contribution, simply make it payable to Christ the King Lutheran Church and designate it for “emergency relief.” If you’d like to be in our “supplier chain,” too, let us know. We encourage you, of course, to sustain as best you can your personal energies as well as your regular support of CTK’s ministry.

Stay virtually in touch
Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with whatever questions or concerns you have. As we are all given by God for each other, we—your ministry staff—are and will be here for you in this Healing Place.

In Christ’s Love and Peace,
Pastor Duane

*or https://www.facebook.com/ctkelc/videos/824245678089275/?notif_id=1584200455553777&notif_t=live_video_schedule_broadcaster