Sunday Forum

February 3: What will your financial legacy look like?
Executive Director Evan Moilan of the Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest (LFSW) will present the work of the Foundation to Recognize, Inspire, Facilitate, and Teach end of life stewardship helping to bridge the asset rift between generations of the church, to insure Christ’s ministry continues.  As the sun sets on one generation and rises on the next, stewardship of God’s gifts through that transition, will make a difference in the lives of those to come.  Join Evan Moilan, who is also Vice-President of the TX-LA Gulf Coast Synod and Certified Fundraising Executive, to explore the ins and outs of estate planning.  Learn the five things every individual should consider as they plan for their later years and explore tools for insuring your loved ones are cared for and for making a lasting difference in the faith communities you care about.

February 10: The Work of Christ the King Lutheran Church Foundation
The Foundation is a non-profit which makes grants each year to support the life and continued good works of the Congregation.  David Karohl (President) and Rodney Koenig (Past President) will talk about the wide variety of ministries the Foundation has supported – Youth, Prayer Shawls, the Bach Society, Camp Lutherhill, Campus Ministry, Godly Play, Music, etc. – and will share thoughts on how we can all help support similar initiatives for years to come.
February 17: Alban Berg’s Opera Wozzeck
A rare treat will be offered to Sunday Forum in a lecture on the 20th century opera work Wozzeck by Alban Berg. Richard Spuler, senior lecturer in German and Culture at Rice University will present on the history and significance of Berg’s monumental work which will be performed in concert by the Houston Symphony on March 1 and 2. The work which is rarely performed is part of Maestro Hans Graf’s last season with the Houston Symphony. Discounted tickets for the March 1 and 2 performances at Jones Hall will be made available to members of Christ the King Lutheran Church.