Sunday Forum 9:00 am – Worship Matters – Exploring the Ways and Whys of Worship

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Worship Matters – Exploring the Ways and
Whys of Worship
March 7: In this final class Deacon Rick Erickson and Pastor David Roschke lead a conversation on the final part of our Sunday liturgy, The Meal and Sending: Peace, Eucharist, Sending. Join us as we deepen our understanding of why we do what we love to do in worship.

March 14 and 21
The Old Testament Psalms in the New Testament

presented by Professor Matthias Henze

No other book of the Old Testament is quoted more often in the New Testament than the Book of Psalms. Early Christians found in the psalms the words of Jesus. The story of Christ’s trial and crucifixion as it is told by the four Evangelists draws heavily on the psalms. In this short class, we will be looking at two psalms, Psalms 110 and 118, and trace their use in the Gospels.
March 14: Scholars like to call Psalm 110 a “royal psalm.” It is as short as it is mysterious. On which occasion was it first composed? The New Testament authors loved Psalm 110 and quoted it more than a dozen times, more than any other text from the Old Testament. We will read the
psalm first and then explore how it was read by early Christians.
March 21: Psalm 118 has figured prominently in Jewish and Christian liturgies for two millennia. It includes a few memorable lines that will be familiar to many of us. Early Christians read the psalm Christologically, meaning they applied it to Christ. Exactly how did that work, and how is that different from our reading?