Sunday Forum this September

September 1: How does Worship Work: The Circle of the Eucharist
People big and small, young and old come together in the parish hall to learn about what happens in worship and how we participate in it. Marie Monroe will tell the story of the Circle of the Eucharist.

September 8 and 15:
House Churches: Introduction and Demonstration
September 8: Terri Bourne will introduce the concept and history of house churches. House churches are small groups that are devoted to sharing faith, praying and learning together, and building community. The basic building blocks include fellowship, breaking of bread (a shared meal), prayer and spiritual conversation. Participants of house church groups will be asked to commit to regular participation (nine monthly meetings, with a break during the summer months). Groups will have about 8-12 members.
September 15: The house church launching team will lead the Sunday Forum participants in a demonstration of an actual house church meeting. We will split in a several smalls groups, each led by a sponsor.

September 22: Reflections from the Summer Youth Trips
Deacon Ben Remmert and the youth group share impressions and reflections from the trips to Leipzig and Saxony in Germany, and to Wilmington, North Carolina. Youth and adults experienced first hand Reformation sites throughout Saxony, and also visited the concentration camp Buchenwald. In Wilmington, NC, our youth engaged in hands on hurricane relief work, with gratitude for the help Houston received after Harvey in 2017.

September 29: What in the world is Ammparo? A new outreach ministry of Christ the King Church
The newly forming Ammparo group at Christ the King Church will introduce its scope in this new (and not so new) area of justice advocacy ministry. Our congregation and synod are participating members of the ELCA’s AMMPARO (Accompanying Migrant Minors with Protection, Advocacy, Representation, and Opportunities) network. Ammparo intends to engage as a church body with affiliates and partners to respond to the migration situation and its causes and to advocate for migrant children and their families.