Sunday Forum

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9:45 a.m. in the basement classroom

November 30: Advent Wreath Workshop in the parish hall.

December 7 and 14: The Prophet Jeremiah
One of the major prophets of the Old Testament, Jeremiah was active during the years leading up to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Babylonian Exile in the sixth century BCE. His book tells the reader a great deal about his theological message, his struggles, and his inner conflicts. In this class we will pay close attention to two aspects of the book. During our first meeting we will read Jeremiah’s sermon at the Jerusalem temple in chapter 7, and during the second meeting the prophecy of a new covenant in Jeremiah 31 and its use in the New Testament. Please bring a Bible to class.

December 7: Jeremiah 7 gives an account of Jeremiah who delivers a sermon at the temple precincts. His scathing critique of the Judeans and their religious practices marks an important moment in the history of Israel’s religion and provides the reader with much information about the nature of idolatry in Jerusalem at the time.

December 14: Jeremiah 31:31-34 is a prophecy of a new, idealized covenant. Originally intended to be a vision of hope for the Israelites who lived in the Babylonian Exile, the text was interpreted by early Christians as a prophecy of a new covenant. Christians know it best from the Eucharist, “This is the new covenant in my blood” (1 Cor 11:25).