Summer Creation – Focused Book Reviews

Sundays, July 16 & July 23, 9:45 a.m.
Members of the CTK Creation Care Team will offer two creation-focused book reviews this summer in July.

On Sunday, July 16, Elmer Ledesma will review How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate by Andrew J. Hoffman. This book examines what causes people to reject or accept the scientific consensus on climate change, by laying bare the opposing cultural lenses through which science is interpreted. How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate makes a powerful case for a more scientifically literate public, a more socially engaged scientific community, and a more thoughtful mode of public discourse.

On Sunday, July 23, Lisa Brenskelle will review Dream of the Earth by eco-theologian & Catholic priest Thomas Berry.  This landmark work has established itself as a foundational volume in the ecological canon. In it, Thomas Berry provides nothing less than a new intellectual-ethical framework for the human community by positing planetary well-being as the measure of all human activity. Join us on Sundays, July 16 & 23 at 9:45 a.m. in the Adult Sunday School classroom for reviews of these thought-provoking books!