Summer Book Review: Meet Kathryn B. Haueisen

Come join us Sunday, August 30th at 10:00 a.m. with a cup of coffee/tea to listen to Kathryn Haueisen and her work. Look for the zoom link in your Sunday morning email. Contact the church office if you are not receiving our Thursday evening and Sunday morning e-blasts.

For thousands of years two distinct cultures evolved unaware of one another’s existence. Separated by what one culture called The Great Sea and known to the other as the Atlantic Ocean, the course of each culture’s future changed irreversibly four hundred years ago. In 1620 the Mayflower delivered 102 refugees and fortune seekers from England to Cape Cod, where these two cultures encountered one another. The English sought religious freedom and fresh financial opportunities. The Natives were recovering from the Great Dying of the past several years that left over two-thirds of their people in graves. How would they react to one another? How might their experience shape modern cross-cultural encounters?

Kathryn Brewster Haueisen’s interest in the Mayflower started when her mother researched the family’s connection to the Brewster passengers. Her curiosity expanded when her daughter married into a family with Native American DNA. Using her skills as a trained journalist and a Lutheran theologian, she retells this famous story from the perspective of both the English religious refugees and the Natives who discovered them establishing a new community in Cape Cod. Her research included interviews with Native leaders and editors, as well as on-site research in England and Holland.

Contact Kathryn at for more information or to purchase this book. Release date is October.