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March 9, 2022
Strategic Plan Update: Congregation Core Values

The Strategic Planning Team invites your feedback. The Church Council, at their retreat on March 5, 2022, held an exercise to identify values which exemplified Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church. Follow this link to participate in the poll/survey. The Strategic Planning Team will consider your feedback during plan development.
This survey will remain open until March 14, 2022.


March 3, 2022
Strategic Plan Update: Potential Priority Areas

This week, the Planning Team reports the outcome of voting by the Summit participants on 24 potential priority areas. 13 of those areas received 10 or more votes. These are the results:

31 Pastors
28 Unchurched Outreach
24 Technology
23 Groups / Social
21 Family
19 Geographic Outreach
18 Music
18 Youth Ministry
15 Sunday AM Service
15 Justice Issues
11 Ethnic Outreach
10 Children’s Ministry
10 Basic Needs Ministry
8 General Outreach
8 Child Care / Education
7 Partnerships
5 Volunteers
4 Saturday PM Service
4 Mental Health
4 Community Service
4 Lay Leaders
4 Facility
3 Contemporary Service
2 Bible Study
2 Lutheran Outreach
2 Integrating Campuses

The Planning Team wants to hear from you. The link below will take you to a feedback form where you can: 1. add additional ideas and insights from the data published in The King’s Banner or the Church Summit in general; 2. offer your thoughts on developing strategies in any of the 13 potential priority areas.

The feedback form will close on Monday, March 7 and all responses given to the Planning Team. Click the link below:


February 26, 2022
Executive Summary of Church Planning Summit

127 persons attended the church summit to hear and participate in discussion about internal (us) perceptions and trends, and external (others) perception and trends. This data has been informed through survey, church data, cold calls to individuals in the church’s surrounding community, and community data.

314 unique responses (over a 50% response rate) to the church insight survey and 448 interviews conducted from over 2,000 calls to individuals in the church’s surrounding community provided major themes and insights. The major themes and insights will serve as guideposts to the results of the priorities poll/questionnaire which was administered to attendees at the Summit (and soon released). The four major themes and insights distilled by Triangle2 along with Summit discussions will be considered by the planning team in strategic plan development. In no order the four major themes are:

1. Current membership base is different in demographic makeup than future membership base;
2. To fully realize growth potential, refreshed vision, intentional organization and new thinking will be required (and the church is enthused for it);
3. Tension at the intersection of Social Gospel and Lutheran traditions; and
4. Music is a key element to worship experience

The Planning Team (Maureen Lamson, Nyla Woods, Pastor Beth Marie Halvorsen, Pastor Amandus Derr, Pastor Sergio Rodriguez, with Terri Koehler, Council President, and Daniel Zorn, Local Facilitator) met immediately after the Summit to establish: 1) a communications plan to be administered throughout the process; 2) a plan for congregational-member access to information and data; 3) mechanisms for continued congregational input throughout the process; 4) affirmation of project timeline; and 5) beginning work to identify Christ the King Lutheran Church’s core values (tradition).

Regular congregational reports from the Planning Team to the congregation will be communicated through the church’s Thursday-member email distribution. The Planning Team affirmed to achieve a draft strategic plan presented to Church Council in early June for ratification by the congregation no later than June 30, 2022.

The following link offers access to data from Triangle2:

I offer my personal email address should you wish to share any thoughts during this process: Daniel Zorn –

I invite you to pray this prayer offered by Pastor Halvorsen at the Summit:

Spirit of patience, remain with us.
Help us to honor experiences that may differ from our own, and
to be attentive to what we might not have considered.May the fruits of being patient
then make us curious about how these differences might shape us anew.

Spirit of restlessness, awaken us.
Help us to imagine new possibilities, even if a bit wild and crazy, and to eventually birth new life with our neighbors both near and far.
Stir us through our creativity, but also let us perceive how our heritage is nonetheless grounding and shaping us.

Spirit of grace, be within us—and among us.
Help us to wrestle with both our gifts and our limits, and to navigate the awkwardness of becoming one congregation.
Calm us when we are irritated or afraid, and call us to trust that you are, have been, and will be leading us in this journey.

Spirit of strength, empower us.
Help us to articulate appropriately our thoughts, ideas, feelings, and to assert that shifting, adapting, and adjusting is good – part of being God’s people.
Give us the strength not only to offer clarity, but also, to embrace the reality that uncertainty, messiness, and mistakes are natural.

Spirit of patience, remain with us.
Spirit of restlessness, awaken us.
Spirit of grace, be within us and among us.
Spirit of strength, empower us.
We ask this in your name and for the sake of the vision that you desire.

On behalf of the Planning Team thank you for your faithfulness, your participation, and your prayers.

Daniel Zorn, Local Facilitator
Strategic Planning Team