Stepping into Compost

Have you noticed the new addition to the church parking lot area? Yes, we have a beautiful new bike rack, but there is something less conspicuous, tucked away in the southwest corner of the lot. The Creation Care team thanks Carolyn Phillips for her generous donation of a Composting Tumber! Starter material containing beneficial microbes was placed in the tumber and for the past few months, church staff have been adding lunch/kitchen scraps as appropriate. Eventually we hope to expand our efforts to include composting material generated from multiple church events. Of course the compost we generate will be a great source of nutrients for the churchyard.

You may wish to consider home composting as a relatively easy way to reduce waste sent to local landfills, while providing organic material for your garden. Composting in a tumbler is fairly simple. To begin, add a starter compost. Then add compostable materials (see below). The goal is to have an approximate ratio of 1 part greens to 3 parts brown, but this is not critical for a tumbler. Smaller pieces decay faster. Just be sure to turn the crank on the tumbler regularly.