Sermon from Holy Trinity Sunday 2022

Weave This Way
Rev. Rodriguez. Holy Trinity. 6.12.2022

The Lord begot me at the beginning of her work (Prov. 8:22)

Blessed is the one who listens, watches, and waits for God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Wisdom cries out beside the gates of life, beckoning us to take [her] instruction, instead of silver and knowledge rather than choice gold (Prov. 8:10). She knows the beginning of our knowledge is, “awe of the Lord (1:7),” and not in any temporal thing. Wisdom beckons us to attend to the origin and destiny of this our cosmic life. Before God made the universe, She gave birth to wisdom (Prov. 8:22) and delighted in her. God delighted in wisdom because, simply put, she was a knitter, a master worker, weaving together a seamless fabric of existence. You and I, and all of creation from start of space-time beyond our finite lives. Holy Trinity Sunday celebrates how God continues to be a master knitter in our lives, making herself known to us through the Son, in the Spirit. Jesus, as embodied wisdom, made known to his disciples God’s name and continues to make known this name (Jn 17:26) through the proclamation of his life-giving death. The Spirit has now come and she is continually, “glorify[ing Christ] because she [is] taking what is [Christ’s] and declar[ing] it to you (Jn 16:14).”Father (or Mother or Parent, Lover), Son (Sibling or Beloved), Spirit (Love). This wise God weaves us into the same three-fold strand re-creating our world anew in peace.

It seems that in our present time, hardly any efforts on our behalf appear to mend the broken fabric of society. Are so we bereft of wisdom that not even an appeal to its usefulness is possible? In these times, I think a vibrant understanding of the Trinity shall at least aid us in truly knowing transformative wisdom. Today’s sermon, “Weave this way: God’s wisdom for life’s torn edges,” offers a way to see the Trinity as the wisdom of Christ’s body. First, I focus on wisdom as weaving the world with God’s presence. This wisdom was glorified and imparted to us through Christ’s life-giving death. In Christ’s Spirit, we become co-Knitters, mending life’s torn edges.

Wisdom weaving world

Wisdom cries out to us, in our hallowed halls, above the noise of the media, at the intersections of fidelity and incredulity, to listen to her reproof, her thoughts, her words (Prov. 1:20-23). She is like lady liberty crying out towards distant shores, to “send me, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” Rather than call wisdom, the Mother of Exiles, or sing Luck be a Lady tonight, she is our master artisan (Prov. 8:30). She has good advice and sound wisdom; insight and strength (Prov. 8:14) because she’s carefully crafted this world. Although our translation of Proverb 8:22 reads, “The Lord created me at the beginning of his work,” the Hebrew language speaks of begetting; of God giving birth to wisdom. This wisdom was, in verse 2, set up, i.e. she was weaved into existence. She became the knitting pattern of the universe. From depths to the world’s first bits of soil, divine wisdom was (and is) a master knitter of this world. Begotten and besides, wisdom became God’s sheer delight; a delight over the entirety of the cosmos, this planet, you, and I. God’s wisdom marks this world with God’s life-giving presence. Knit one, Pearl to infinity, if you will.

What a tangled web is weaved, in this world deceived! Posturing abounds when tragedy or injustice strikes. Yes, wisdom states that she walks the way of righteousness, along the paths of justice (Prov. 8:20) but does not give to us the conviction that translates to action Case in point: consider the following situation in the Sierra Pacific Synod. An Afro-Latino pastor was removed from his position without the proper disciplinary process. His Bishop, Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer, had done so on one of the most important celebrations in the Mexican calendar: La Virgin de Guadalupe. Every step of the way, the national church failed to accompany either position along the way of justice. They failed to do what is right by allowing for posturing and punting to prevail. This is simply emblematic of the tangled web we are in society. We can not see that the God who made the cosmos, who set our world filled with black holes, multi-dimensions, and fishes, has made us attend to deep wisdom. Wisdom that does not shy from the truth of corporate responsibility for climate change, of vilifying/cursing folks of different political persuasions, neglecting the presence of the vulnerable all around us, in the streets, crying out to be heard. Wisdom that calls us to denounce the evils around, to speak a true word that calls one to true transformation in God?

Wisdom from the Cross

Jesus promised to send to us the Spirit of truth who would, “guide us into all the truth (Jn 16:13).” The disciples, like us, were caught in a tangled web of grief, tragedy, and betrayal at the impending death of Jesus, their beloved teacher. Authorities had conspired to hand over Jesus to be put to death, to tear the fabric of this world from the one whose very being formed its pattern. So Jesus promised to give to his disciples the gift of the Spirit whose very wisdom would thread together all the loose ends, if you will, of their understanding. The Spirit would declare to them (Jn 16:13) that in Jesus was the very presence of God, the very logos of God dwelling among them (Jn 1:14) to show them the gracious wisdom of this very world. It is this very wisdom that through Jesus’ death and resurrection, the Spirit imparts to us through faith.

Here in lies the great wisdom of the Trinity. Since God’s presence fills the entire cosmos, this presence is triune. When we see Christ in the least and the lowly and dine on his body, the Spirit has opened our eyes to transformative wisdom. Every supper, every person, and every committee meeting has the potential to unveil the very presence of Father, Son, and Spirit. We all are in a tangled web of hopelessness, injustice, sin, and death. Yet we know that it is God who is at work in you, enabling you both to (Phil 2:12b) be knit into and to knit others into God’s wisdom. The wisdom that Christ Jesus, became for us… righteousness and sanctification and redemption (1 Cor 1:30). So as we daily recognize our sin and understand God’s wisdom today, slowly we are knit together into the one body of Christ. There is wisdom in knowing that we are not God and wisdom to understand what we may never know of God.

Wise Knitters are we

Yet, this is the way we are to weave God’s wisdom into life’s torn edges: as master apprentices of wisdom. As God’s wisdom knit together the very fabric of our existence, so too do we attend to how God’s triune presence shows up. For through the torn fabric of life, we see Christ in our neighbor. When we respond in wise and gracious ways, we do so knowing that the Spirit has implanted this work in our hearts through faith. This is to be co-knitters in God’s great work of transforming our world through the wisdom of forgiveness. These two hands of God our Creator stitch us together so that we may understand God not as triune doctrine but as a team of faithful knitters who always show up.