Salt and Light – Fall Stewardship Campaign

salt-and-light-for-webThese are exciting times at Christ the King Church, as we begin our Fall stewardship campaign under the theme Salt and Light, culminating with the grand Christ the King Festival Weekend and Dedication Sunday, November 18–20. At worship on October 8 and 9 (Saturday 6:00 p.m.; Sunday 8:30 and 10:50 a.m.), Pastor Duane will share his own story of gratitude and renewal, based on Luke’s account of Jesus healing the ten lepers. Thereafter, we’ll consider what gratitude means for the dedication of our lives as God’s salt and light to the world.  How do you add spice to the lives around you? How and when are we light to the world?These are such important questions as we begin a new chapter of God’s mission to the world through Christ the King Church. After six weeks of reflection on our personal and congregational ministry, on the weekend of November 20 we will have the opportunity to dedicate ourselves anew to being God’s salt and God’s light.  Our great stewardship team will share much more information with you in the coming weeks. Pray for them and the Holy Spirit-ed success of the campaign.