Prayer Ministries

“No one can believe how powerful prayer is and what it can effect, except those who have learned it by experience. It is important when we have a need to go to God in prayer. I know, whenever I have prayed earnestly, that I have been heard and have obtained more than I prayed for. God sometimes delays, but He always comes.” —Martin Luther

Prayer is foundational to every aspect of our congregation’s life. Members’ prayer lives are enriched and deepened through participation with others in a variety of settings. At Christ the King Church we offer many opportunities: Morning Prayer,Contemplative Prayer GroupCommunity of Hope, and Prayer Shawl Ministries.

Each weekday morning at 8:15 am, a small group of people gathers for in the visitors room on the third floor for Morning Prayer, a short service of readings and prayers. Prayers are offered for members, family and friends in need. This informal service is led by volunteers. All are invited. Contact the church office to make a prayer request.

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The Community of Hope
is a spiritual formation training program shaped by prayer and Benedictine spirituality. This equips laypersons to become pastoral caregivers in their homes, their workplaces and in various ministries within the church and community. The keystone of the Community of Hope is Benedictine spirituality, a devotion to the care of the whole person: mind, body and spirit.  Such spirituality inspires individuals to seek balance and harmony in prayer, worship, silence, holy reading, work and service.  For information on the next class, contact Beverly Davis or for general information, check out

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The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets every Friday morning at 9:00 in the third floor conference room. They knit shawls for both members and friends of the congregation as an expression of care and concern. The shawls are literally a means of wrapping the recipient with love. When a shawl is completed, all the members of the group lay hands on it and offer a prayer for the person who will receive This may be someone experiencing a serious illness, recovering from surgery, or mourning the recent death of a loved one. Shawls may also be given to new mothers or to someone who is homebound. Over the years the group has distributed over 100 shawls.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry includes both members and non-members of Christ the King Church. The group has a number of willing teachers, and they welcome newcomers who don’t know how to knit but would like to learn.

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