Parents’ Night Out

A Parents’ Night Out is sponsored by the Christ the King Church babysitting co-op one Saturday a month from 5:30 until 10:30 pm. There are no minimum or maximum ages for children who participate, though generally the age range has been six months through ten years. Downstairs Sunday Church School rooms and nursery are used.

 What does the co-op offer parents?
The co-op offers parents affordable, quality babysitting. The cost is $10 for children over one year of age and $15 for those younger than one year. Babysitters include at least two adults from a co-op family and one or two church nursery staff member, at least one of whom is trained in CPR. If the number of children registered to attend warrants additional babysitters, more caregivers will be assigned. Fees are used to pay the nursery staff.

What does the co-op offer children?
Children are able to enjoy an evening with familiar caregivers and friends in an environment they are already comfortable with. They bring their own dinner to eat with the group. They may participate in activities such as games, crafts, and cookie-making. If the weather permits older children may be supervised for awhile in the courtyard or playground. The evening concludes with a kid-friendly movie.

What are the members’ responsibilities?
Each family agrees to provide a team of two adult babysitters for at least one Parents’ Night Out a year. Parents have to register the number children who will be attending a Saturday Parents’ Night Out by noon the preceding Wednesday so that the paid caregivers can be hired for the evening and the host adults can make appropriate plans.

How do families join the co-op?
Each January the co-op holds an open enrollment.  If there are fewer than twelve families in the co-op, a new family may join mid-year. Families wishing to try out the co-op may do so on a one time basis with no commitment; all babysitting fees would still apply.