Our Youngest Children

We especially welcome all children to church and worship. Baptized children are invited to the Lord’s Table to commune, those not baptized receive a blessing.

Canvas bags in the chest by the entrance door are filled for use during the service. The nursery welcomes very young children during worship services in times of high activity and unrest. Outside the nave are two rocking chairs for a small and a big person. The sound is transmitted from the nave.

Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer in the CTK Nursery:

10. Because you can never read Green Eggs and Ham too many times in your life.
9. You don’t get to see your grandkids often enough.
8. You can indulge your closet LEGO obsession.
7. You’ll get  boundless joy and energy.
6. There’s a toy train.
5. It’s an opportunity to see the world through fresh eyes.
4. A way make new friends that will adore you just because you showed up.
3. No diaper changing duty—we leave that to the professionals.
2. It’s a sure way to serve God’s children as Jesus would have.
1. The nursery needs YOU!

Our congregation’s Safe Haven policy will apply to all new volunteers.
Nursery Handbook 2015

Please contact Beverly Davis  or Deacon Ben Remmert for more information.