The Rev. Pr. Karin I. Liebster, Associate Pastor of Faith Formation

The Rev. Karin Liebster was called to serve as Associate Pastor of Christ the King Church in 2002. The emphasis of her work is providing educational programs and opportunities toward the formation of the Christian faith in all stages of life. She works closely together with volunteers and ministry staff especially in the areas of children, youth and family ministries. She teaches the Confirmation Class.

Pastor Liebster says about herself and her ministry, “Faith is a wondrous thing. When I most want it, it can escape me. When I least expect it, it comes as a gift. It is this elusive and yet real presence of the triune God which is daily at the center of my real work with real people. I like best the many ways in which we assemble as the Body of Christ – in worship, for storytelling and listening, for study and play, for shared meals and conversations – because each is an opportunity for the Word of the living God to come and meet us.”

Pastor Liebster came to the United States in 1993 from Germany where she received her Master of Divinity and was ordained in the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland. She served Montvale Congregational Church in Woburn, MA (United Church of Christ) before moving to Houston in 1997. Her theological formation took place in the climate of second generation postwar Germany, a time characterized by the desire to build global ecumenical understanding and relationships, the reformulating of Christian theology in light of two world wars, and the effort of the church to repent and renew relations with the Jewish people.