Poverty, Trees & Justice: What’s the Connection?

 November 13: Sunday Forum at 9:45 a.m. at Christ the King Lutheran Church
Have you ever thought about the life of a rural farmer in Tanzania or Haiti? Picture a woman who works long hours every day tending crops on land she does not own. She often goes to bed hungry at night. When her child is sick, she will cut down a fruit tree to make charcoal to sell in order to pay the doctor, further jeopardizing the productivity of her land. She is affected by droughts one season and flash flooding the next due to climate change that she has not caused. Come learn about the connection between her poverty, deforestation and a myriad of other justice issues she faces in a conversation with Valerie Foulkes of Plant With Purpose.
Another Way to Assist Refugees: Plant it Forward
A local non-profit organization, Plant It Forward, assists economically disadvantaged refugees in Houston to become self-sufficient through growing, harvesting and selling produce from sustainable urban farms. Each farm can support a family of four. You can assist these refugees in their new life in Houston by buying produce from their farms. There are several options to do so. You can purchase a “farm share”, which entitles you to a weekly bag of farm-fresh produce, picked up one of 15 different locations in the Houston area. Or, you can purchase their produce at their Farm Stands at 4 different locations around town. Finally, you can purchase produce from Plant It Forward at any of 5 different Farmers’ Markets in the greater Houston area. More details.