Parents’ Corner

Nurturing Space
The narthex (the room outside the nave) has been prepared for parents and children as a refuge during worship services in times of high activity and unrest. The narthex has two rocking chairs especially for a grown up person and a small person. The sound is transmitted from the nave so that the connection to the worship is not lost. Canvas bags are waiting by the nave doors to be used by young children. The bags may be taken into the narthex. The nursery is also available as a refuge during church services, with or without parent.

Activity Bags
Activity bags have been lovingly put together by fellow parents for young children. They are by the entrance in the nave. Children love being part of the “big church” and at the same time it is taxing to be in such a big space for such a long time. The wide open space is unfamiliar and unstructured to a little child, and full of people about twice his or her size. The activity bags are offered to make the child feel welcome, look forward to something familiar or to a surprise inside. Please make use of them and return them after church. Look out for calls to renew them for our children’s enjoyment.

Be Still with God
Children love to participate in the grown up world. They can be part of the “big church”, too, when we show them how. Many children pray themselves or with their families. In church children can pray with us. We let them know that now it is time for prayer and we ask God to hear us. We can ask children to help pray for people who are in danger, lonely, sick, sad or afraid; and of course they can join in saying thank you to God for those who are happy about a new baby or a wedding or other special occasions.