Palm Sunday at 11 a.m. —Real Worship—Just Online

Palm Sunday at 11 a.m.

You can also “enter the Nave” by clicking the links to the left for worship together at 11:00 a.m. CDT this Sunday, Palm Sunday.

And why not place a Palm frond or other greenery on your front door to signal your intention to follow Christ closely this differently experienced Holy Week?

Share worship with your neighbors near and far, too, by sharing these links. People want and need this sacred time “separately together.” Our first week of online participants total “attendance” (Facebook plus YouTube) was of 1043 viewing households. Our conservative estimate is that equals 1,565 individuals, 485 of whom were “engaged” by writing notes and posting emojis back and forth during worship (just like you elbow your pewmate when the pastor says something weird). Pass the Grace, Please!

So come worship. Begin Holy Week trusting that beyond our five senses, God in Christ is with us and we with God more deeply in these coming important days.