Nut Free Snacks for Children Only Activities

Christ the King Lutheran Church
POLICY: Nut Free Snacks for Children Only Activities

Many children experience food allergies and the incidence of food allergies is increasing. Symptoms can range from skin rash and itching to anaphylaxis and death. The peanut is the source of the majority of severe food-related allergic reactions. Those allergic to peanuts are often also allergic to other nuts. Severe allergic reactions can occur with exposure to trace amounts of peanut protein. One peanut contains 200 mg of protein. Symptoms can occur after the ingestion of 2 mg. For children with severe peanut allergy, just sitting next to someone eating peanuts can trigger a reaction.

Avoidance strategies are particularly problematic in very young children. Children cannot read a label. They do not have an understanding of what an allergy is or the verbal ability to ask, “Does that snack have peanuts in it?” Sharing is a concept that is encouraged in young children. However, young children do not understand the danger associated with sharing a peanut snack with a child who has a peanut allergy.

For these reasons, only nut-free snacks will be offered in the nursery and at children only activities. These activities include, but are not limited to the nursery, Godly Play, and the pumpkin carving party.

  1. Registration forms for the nursery, Godly Play and WNA will include an allergy section where parents can identify their child’s allergies.
  2. The forms will be reviewed by the congregational nurse. The nurse will contact parents of children with food allergies and review their action plan. Parents will be responsible for the availability and use of an Epi-Pen if an Epi-Pen is in their child’s action plan.
  3. This nut free policy does not extend to church wide activities including, but not limited to Hunger Snacks, receptions and shared meals.
  4. The congregation will be informed of this policy through the Banner and direct email. Education on the selection of nut free snacks will be provided to organizers/leaders of children only activities by the congregational nurse.