New House Church Groups: Sign up by September 27

The concept of ‘house churches’ dates to Christianity’s early days, with New Testament references including the stories of the Last Supper and Pentecost. Little did we know that the house church groups that started last fall would find themselves transitioning this past spring to a virtual meeting format via Zoom. Through the creativity and persistence of these pioneers we have learned that the personal bonds and spiritual support these groups are intended to nurture lend themselves very well to a virtual mode.

With our first year having been a very positive experience of house churches here at CTK, we’d like to now expand the concept to more groups and more people. We are organizing now so that new groups can plan their first virtual meetings for mid-October. Please email the church office ( by September 27th if you want to participate, and let us know whether you might be willing to be a group sponsor.

What are house churches: small groups that meet monthly, usually in homes but at this time virtually. House church participants are devoted to sharing faith, praying and learning together, and building community. Each house church has a sponsor who will play a coordinating role: helping the group decide when to meet, and how to customize these basic building blocks:

  • Opening prayer,
  • Spiritual conversation: reading, hearing, discussing, reflecting on God’s Word; sharing experiences and viewpoints.
  • Closing prayer: praying, together and individually, for one another and for others.

Participants are asked to commit to regular participation (nine monthly meetings, with a break during the summer months). Once we have a list of people willing to sponsor and participate, we’ll assign all who sign up to a group – our aim is to have 8-12 people (including the group sponsor/s) in each group.

New sponsors will be provided with resource materials and invited to an information sharing and coaching conversation with experienced sponsors in. For further info please contact Terri Bourne, ( for more information, in particular if you have questions about the sponsor role.