Our Music

Lutheran Christians are the inheritors of a remarkable tradition of music. Formed by the singing assemblies of the Hebrew peoples, Christians developed a rich practice of singing whenever they gathered. Communal song formed then the basis of music for selected voices, choirs, and instruments. In time, organs began to enable the song of the church. By the time of the Reformation in the sixteenth century, the reformers sought to energize the song of the people and accentuate the theology of music as a splendid gift of God, meant for the proclamation of the Gospel and the edification of God’s people and creation. Lutheran Christians sing a wide variety of music that proclaims the word; helps us celebrate the seasons, the rites of the church, and the passages of human life; and forms us a community of faith. Music from the diverse times, places, and peoples of the world help us to hear the immense and lavish mystery of the triune God. In particular, the robust chorales of the reformation, the florid chant of the western catholic church, the elegant hymnody of Europe, and the faith-filled hymns of North America are the core of our congregation’s repertoire.

While some Christian assemblies in North America are interested in separating worship according to musical styles or genres, such as “traditional” or “contemporary,” Christ the King Church celebrates the rich diversity of music we’ve inherited by not arranging our worship by such terms. Instead, all of our worship services include the very best music from the grand sweep of musical traditions, all-the while making such music as contemporary people. We make music with the aid of our fine Bach Organ, our splendid pianos, our various choirs and soloists, guitars, rhythm instruments, strings, our Brass Choir, woodwinds, and any other musical instrument or voice that can serve our assembly around word and sacrament.