Mother’s Day Offering of Letters May 11

A simple act of service may be performed by all worshipers on May 11 by writing letters for Bread of the World in their annual Offering of Letters after both Sunday morning services. Tables will be set up in the cloister, ready with stationary, pens and stamps. Thanks, Phil Dahlberg, for leading the effort.

Bread for the World’s Campaign to Reform U.S. Food Aid
For many decades, the United States has been a global leader economically, diplomatically, and militarily. The same is true in the humanitarian arena. Our federal government often sends assistance in the form of food aid. Now there is an opportunity to reform the federal government’s food-aid programs so that funds are used more effectively and efficiently.

It is time to update the government’s 1950s practices to enable it to respond more flexibly and faster in a 21st century, globalized world. Changes to the food-aid programs would allow food aid to benefit 17 million more people each year — at no additional cost to U.S. taxpayers.

This year’s Offering of Letters focuses on much-needed reform to U.S. food aid. Learn about our role in global aid, and why reform is so critical. Then, write to Congress and urge your representatives to enact much needed reforms to our global food aid programs.

Together we can change policy and ensure continued, improved assistance to millions of hungry people around the world.