Monastery of the Heart Sundays beginning September 9

Beginning Sunday mornings, September 9, a ten week book study (Monastery of the Heart, by Joan Chittister) and spiritual journey will be offered for members to pray, discuss, and reflect on ancient 6th century Benedictine writings. For Benedict of Nursia, the spiritual life lay in simply living this life, our daily life, well. All of it…every simple, single action.

Is this class for you? That depends, if you…

  • search for the “more” of life
  • desire that God becomes the rhythm of your day
  • prefer thoughtful questions, not definitive answers
  • care to be a loving listener
  • believe there is wisdom in ancient traditions
  • yearn for community to support you on your spiritual path and to support others on their journeys

If these ideas stirred something fresh in you, you are welcome to join the Christ the King Church “Monastery of the Heart” on September 9 to learn how to live the “monastic life” in today’s world. One week prior to the first class meeting, each participant will receive class materials, including excerpts from Chittister’s Monastery of the Heart. This class is offered by Christ the King Church’s Community of Hope member Denise Engle for anyone who is interested.

Monastery of the Heart is a small guide that follows Benedictine understandings. The ancient Rule of Benedict is still used in monasteries around the world today and the Community of Hope International. Benedict’s values continue to help us live a meaningful spiritual life in the center of today’s world. According to Sr. Joan, “We live in a time of cataclysmic social upheavals, global transitions, and technological breakthroughs of unimagined proportions. Old patterns are breaking down, while we are seeking to shape new ways of living in the shell of the old.” Through study of the work of Benedict, we can find the rhythm of a better life and a model to rebuild our lives through contemplative prayer and community.

Class participants will also have the opportunity to participate in a weekend silent desert retreat of contemplative prayer at the monastic Lebh Shomea House of Prayer at La Parra Ranch in the Wild Horse Desert in Sarita, Texas (south of Corpus Christi and Kingsville) during October for two nights and three days. More details will be shared at the first class on September 9.

If you would like to register for the class and receive study class materials, contact Denise Engle by August 19.

If you are interested, but would just like to know more about the “Monastery of the Heart” at Christ the King Church, or the Lebh Shomea House of Prayer, please contact Denise.