Michael Shelton Retirement

Dear Faithful People of Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church:

After twenty-eight years of faithful service as a member of our Christ the King Church staff, Michael Shelton has given notice that he will be retiring from his position on August 31, 2022.

Mike’s “official” job title has been Receptionist/Secretary. Anyone who has ever worked with Mike or asked him for any assistance knows that that job title, like most church-related job titles, has never fully described his work and his loving and supportive care for everything and everyone who enters our campus. Mike’s deep commitment to warm hospitality is a hallmark of his ministry among us and his welcome has always set at ease his colleagues, congregation members, friends, and visitors. Mike’s willingness to assist members with their specific needs is legendary and will be sorely missed by us all. Mike is the longest serving member of Christ the King Church’s staff and as such is also one of the few remaining “keepers of our institutional memory.”

Mike, working with Beverly Davis, has been primarily responsible for the professional look and excellence of our monthly “The King’s Banner” and our Annual Report. He makes certain that the pastoral staff is informed about visitors to our worship services. Mike also has been responsible for creating most of our graphics, brochures, and signage about particular events or concerns. His creativity and commitment to clarity and excellence is evident in all of these published materials and in so many other ways.

Mike’s job, his hours, and even his location in our building has changed over the years. He’s collaborated with numerous staff members and pastors, three senior and two interim senior pastors, and a considerable number of members who serve as officers, congregation council members, committee members, and volunteers. When I responded to Mike’s resignation letter, I wrote “your labor has not been in vain.” All of us can attest to that. Michael Shelton’s presence and work will be sorely missed.

Mike is not one for large celebrations or formal farewells and we’ll respect his wishes on that. However, he does deserve our thanks for his work. On behalf of the congregation council, I invite you to send a monetary gift which we’ll give to him in mid-September. Please address your checks to Theresa M. Koehler and send to her directly at:  Terri Koehler, 3922 Rice Blvd., Houston, TX 77005; or drop in the collection plate with “Mike” on the memo line.  You may also drop off your check in the church office by September 11. We will present this gift to him after that date.

Once again, as with other retirements, my favorite prayer seems most appropriate.

“For all that has been, thanks! For all that will be, Yes!”

Peace and Joy — and Courage!

Amandus J. Derr
Interim Senior Pastor