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Activate Your Faithful Imagination

Strategic Planning Process

Thursday, March 22, 7:00 p.m.

We are now in an exciting strategic planning process here at Christ the King Lutheran Church. What do you want to see happen here within the next five years? What do you want the congregation to be known for five and ten years from now? What does God want us to do and be as a congregation for each other and the world?

These are wonderful and urgent questions for us at this time in our new chapter of faithful ministry. The Council and Ministry Staff already have been touched by the "strategic planning bug." They are eager for their ideas to be shared with you. Pastor Larson is eager to use this occasion to get to know you much better, too. Above all, these next two months are the time for all of us together in different venues to discern prayerfully and to imagine faithfully how we can and will be in these next years.Data from the call process will merge with our conversations. Some of our imagination sessions will be of a general character. Some will focus on particular interest like worship and music, communication technology, education innovations, and a "signature outreach mission."

General Imagination Sessions―that is, free-wheeling conversation and listening prompted by presentation of some initial ideas--will first be hosted in the parish hall on Saturday, March 10, at 10:00 a.m. and Thursday, March 22, at 7:00 p.m. All are welcome! Pastor Duane will lead the discussions and Congregation Council representatives will take notes and "listen in." Further "Focus Topics" conversation will be planned for April into May. We'll invite specific conversations around Outreach/Service, Life Together, Worship, Education, and Communications. It would be ideal for some of these to be hosted in private homes. Pastor Duane or Beverly Davis will welcome your volunteering of hospitality. Watch for the dates and places for these conversations.

We have an ambitious schedule to build our plan. We've been given a great head start because of much work already done in the past two years with the call process and because of Pastor Duane's familiarity with us already. We want to have the main points and schedule of a new plan ready to report to the congregation at a special meeting in June. Over the summer the plan will be tweaked, thanks to your ongoing input. We pray that we will have a fully articulated plan ready in September for the congregation to adopt, complete with a five-year timeline of goals, how-to steps, deadlines, and budget forecast.

Questions? Contact Pastor Larson. In the meantime, please bring your faithful imagination to one of the two general sessions scheduled for March.

7:00 PM Faithful Imagination Session