Luther Lectures Available to Check Out

You are invited to check out the Luther lectures audio library in the narthex. Provided by The Rev. Arthur Preisinger, attendee of the Martin Luther 500th anniversary jubilee conference in 1983.

Martin Luther Jubilee  Washington DC November 6-12, 1983 

Disc 1   Martin Luther, Doctor of the Church and Prophet for Our Time   Jaroslav Pelikan
Disc 2   Luther and the Protestant Tradition   Bernhard Lohse
Disc 3   Luther and the Catholic Tradition   Otto A. Pesch
Disc 4   The Concept of Justification   Gerhard O. Forde
Disc 5   Luther and Worship   Gordon W. Lathrop
Disc 6   Luther and Christian Education   James M. Kittelson
Disc 7   The Music of Luther and the   Reformation Laura Youens
Disc 8   New Departures in Luther’s Theology   Leif Grane
Disc 9   Luther and Biblical Authority   David Lotz
Disc 10   Luther and Ecumenism   Inge Lønning
Disc 11   Polemical Images in Reformation Broadsheets and Pamphlets   Christrine Andersson
Disc 12   Luther, Tradition and the Church   John M. Headley
Disc 13   Luther and Authority   Scott H. Hendrix
Disc 14   Luther and Politics   Paul Simon
Disc 15   Luther Discovers Satan   Heiko A. Oberman
Disc 16   Luther, Politics and Conscience   George W. Forell
Disc 17   Luther and the Left Wing of the Reformation   Hans Hillerbrand
Disc 18   Luther, Wit and Witness   Eric W. Gritsch
Disc 19   Luther and the Family   Steven Ozment
Disc 20   Images of Luther   Lewis W. Spitz
Disc 21   Luther and the False Brethren   Mark U. Edwards, Jr
Disc 22   Luther’s Encounter with Erasmus   James Tracy
Disc 23   Roman Catholic Disputations with Luther   Harry McSorley
Disc 24   Luther in Controversy with the Swiss Reformed   Brian Gerrish
Disc 25   A National Geographic Special: A Journalist’s Search for the Real Martin Luther
  Merly Severy
Disc 26   Luther against Luther   David Steinmentz
Disc 27   Luther, Freedom and the USA   Martin Marty