Letter to the Congregation: Masks Will no Longer be Required at Worship & Events at Christ the King Church

Dear Faithful People of Christ the King Lutheran Church,

With great joy and profound relief, I write to inform you that as of this Sunday, April 3, 2022, masks will no longer be required at worship services or other events at Christ the King Lutheran Church. We give thanks to God who, over the Covid pandemic’s past two years, has blessed and protected us; and who has strengthened and guided our congregation council and staff to provide flexible health protocols to protect the most vulnerable among us.

We continue to encourage those who are immuno-compromised or who feel more vulnerable to continue to wear masks, but we will no longer require them. For the time being, we will continue our practice of using individual glasses as we distribute wine for holy communion.

An occasion such as this needs to be liturgically acknowledged and celebrated. At each service this Sunday, we encourage worshipers to wear masks at the beginning of the liturgy so that, with appropriate prayers and song in thanksgiving to God, all who are comfortable may remove their masks together prior to the brief order of confession.

Also beginning at each service on April 3 and continuing each service thereafter, we will re-introduce an important, currently missing, element into our liturgies for the majority of us who offer our financial gifts to God “online” or in some way at some time other than during the Sunday service. If you are one of those faithful givers, please pick up an “I give online” card from the ushers on your way into the nave and place that card into the offering basket as it is passed by you during the offertory. This practice will enable us to make our stewardship giving more visible and will end the practice of presenting nearly empty offering baskets with the gifts of bread and wine at Christ’s table. This public witness will be especially important as we welcome more worshipers on Palm (Passion) Sunday, in Holy Week and on Easter.

With all the members of our staff and all our Christ the King Church friends, I am looking eagerly forward to finally being able to see each of you “face to face:’ and even more significantly, to hear us sing our hymns to God without masks. God has brought us thus far on our way! Let us together give God our thanks and praise!

Peace and Joy – and Courage,
Amandus J. Derr
Interim Senior Pastor