Lent – Worship into Faith Faith into Worship

For Lent all members and friends are invited to
take advantage of two faith formation offerings that will lead to renewed appreciation and maybe deeper levels of understanding of faith and worship.

On Sundays, the Forum will study how faith is expressed and formed in worship, with Pastor David Roschke and Cantor Rick Erickson

Thursdays in Lent Pastor Larson presents a class Paul Tillich’s book “The Dynamics of Faith.”

See class description below. Contact the church office to join and/or register for these online classes.

Sunday Forum Series: Worship Matters 
Sunday at 9:00 a.m.
Rick Erickson and Pastor David Roschke will lead conversations on a few key parts of our Sunday liturgy. They will speak about what we already know and maybe come to a deeper level of understanding of why we do what we love to do in worship. This series gives us opportunity to reflect on the overall theme for these winter weeks of how faith leads to worship and worship leads to faith.
February 21: Entrance rites: Procession, Kyrie, Gloria, Prayer of the Day
February 28: Proclamation: Word and Hymn of the Day
March 7: Meal and Sending: Peace, Eucharist, Sending

What Is Faith?
An Online Lenten Class Taught By Pastor Duane
Thursdays at 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Have you ever questioned whether you “believe”? What is belief? More basic, what is faith? Have you doubted your faith and so also your reason for being? One of the 20th century’s greatest theologians, in this groundbreaking and now classic book – Dynamics of Faith — defined faith as “the state of ultimate concern.” In service to our Lenten theme of Worship into Faith and Faith into Worship, Pastor Larson offers this online class that also will serve as an introduction to and rehearsal of basic Lutheran Christian theological convictions.

There is no limit to attendees for this Zoom-based online class. But prior registration is needed and you must procure your own copy of the classic text. It is not expensive and is easily accessible. Hard print or digital versions are acceptable for class use, but not the audible version. Read chapter one before the first class (you WILL be excited). Grace on grace: you’ll discover that theology is fun and doable. Register by emailing your interest to ctk@ctkelc.org. If you have further questions, email Pastor Duane at duanelarson@ctkelc.org.