In Our Own Voice: Oct. 10, 6 p.m.

Come hear one of NAMI Greater Houston members share a compelling personal story about living with mental illness, focusing on recovery, and the message of hope. In Our Own Voice is a program of the National Association for Mental Illness which shares information about mental illness, mental health recovery, and its impact on participants’ lives…in their own voices.  The program provides an opportunity for those who have struggled with mental illness to gain confidence and to share their individual experiences of recovery and transformation.

Anyone familiar with mental illness knows that recovery is not a singular event, but a multi-dimensional, multi-linear journey characterized more by the mindset of the one taking it than by his or her condition at any given moment along the way.  Understanding recovery as having several dimensions makes its uneven course easier to accept. Much as we don’t blame the cancer patient for dying of invasive tumors, we can’t condemn a consumer whose symptoms overtake his or her best efforts to manage illness.   Recovery is the point in someone’s illness in which the illness is no longer the first and foremost part of his or her life, no longer the essence of all his or her existence.  Ultimately, recovery is about attitude and making the effort.