I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Though most every Christmas here in Houston is a green one, the Creation Care Team offers the following ideas for an ecologically green Christmas that is kind to God’s creation.

  • Shop locally to avoid the extra carbon foot print associated with the time products spend on trucks and planes. For out of town gift recipients, shopping online and having gifts shipped directly to recipients may be the better option.
  • Utilize reusable gift bags or re-usable fabric gift wrap and reuse last year’s Christmas cards to make gift tags.
  • Let your children decorate brown paper shopping bags with their art work or hand prints and use them as wrapping paper. The comics section of the Sunday paper also makes good gift wrap.
  • Choose gifts that have minimal packaging.
  • Minimize the number of hours that holiday lights are left on. Consider use of LED Christmas tree lights which are very low power consumers and very long-lasting.
  • Purchase sustainable gifts like fair trade coffee or handicrafts, animals from The Heifer Project, gifts from the ELCA Good Gifts catalog or from Lutheran World Relief. Mark your calendar now for the Youth Fair Trade Shopping Night at 10,000 Villages on December 11.
  • Shop from your favorite charity. Your purchase not only provides a gift, but also uses part of the purchase price toward support of the charitable cause.
  • Give the gift of your time or talent:
    Free babysitting
    Special baked goods, jams, relish or yummy casseroles
    A holiday dinner at your home
  • Other gift suggestions: movie tickets, or vpn to start watching netflix internationally, cooking classes or something special for a collector from the antique mall.