How To Use Our New Giving Platform (a partner of the ELCA)

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Access to Vanco Portal to Manage Your Account and Giving There

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How to Donate from The Website and Set Up Your Giving Account

1. Log on to

2. Locate one of the two donate buttons on the current homepage.

3. Click the “Log in/Sign up” link in the top right corner, and then enter your name, email, and new password/pin info.*

This is a one-time sign up process. If you already have a Tithely account, you can log in here without creating a new one.

*Note that for one-time giving, no one (including guests) is required to set up an account – but if you do, you can securely store payment options and set up recurring giving which is highly encouraged.

4. Once your account is created, fill out the giving form. You can select which program your donation is going to using the dropdown menu.

5. Select (and save) your payment option(s).

6. You can optionally select to cover the minor transaction fees that all giving platforms require.

Next time you log in to give, your account info and payments will be stored. You can access all of your account info and add payments using the top left menu:
From here, you may set up alternative payment methods, set up recurring giving, track your giving, and access your account info.
If you need help setting up your new giving account, please contact Rachel at