Gender-Based Violence

justice cornerViolence against women is a widespread problem both here in the US and abroad. Around the world, one-in-three women experience physical, sexual and psychological abuse in their lifetime. At its core, this global epidemic is fueled by traditions, beliefs, and practices that view women as less-than-equal to men. On a larger scale, these acts have led to the creation of systems that infringe on the rights of women. Women and girls in developing countries experience particularly high rates of gender-based violence. Some of this violence is perpetuated in the form of battery, honor killings, rape, trafficking, and female genital cutting. Last year, Congress renewed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which extends protection to all women here in the United States. Now, comparable legislation with a focus on protecting women overseas has been introduced in Congress. The International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA) seeks to integrate gender-based violence prevention and response into all the U.S. government’s international programs. Join with ELCA Lutherans around the country to urge congress to pass this legislation at the ELCA action center website.

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Sunday Forum, November 16, 9:45 am, basement classroom
ELCA Draft of a Social Message on Gender Violence,
Pastor Moore
Gender-based violence has been a largely ignored epidemic in human society. The message drafted by the Theological Discernment Team of the ELCA seeks to bring the epidemic into the open for the sake of survivors and perpetrators, for education and deliberation, and as a call to action. Pastor Moore who serves on the ELCA church council and the Commission for Women and Justice will present the draft for discussion.