Food for Life, The Spirituality and Ethics of Eating

Wednesdays, Oct. 19 – Nov. 30, 6 p.m.
food-for-lifeHealth Ministry and the Creation Care Team invite all members to attend a discussion group on the book, Food for Life, The Spirituality and Ethics of Eating by L. Shannon Jung, a professor at Wartburg Theological Seminary. In six sessions, attendees will discuss the seven chapters of this book, which the author promises “will help people learn to enjoy their lives more—perhaps much more.” While such a bold claim might engender skepticism, Jung delivers on his promise, with a text rooted in honest joy, bright-eyed delight, and a deep gratitude for the gifts of God’s creation. He insists that we were created to enjoy life, and argues that delight and sharing are two basic human experiences that reveal the presence of God. Yet the author does not shy away from difficult discussions of sin, hunger, gluttony, and justice. He treats the everyday act of eating as morally and theologically complex, opening our eyes and hearts to things that we may not have considered before. Jung’s thoughtful and enlightening consideration of hunger, food, eating, sharing, and the current global food production and distribution system offers the hungry Christian a feast of ideas and practical suggestions for working towards the ideal of eating “to the glory of God.” Join Linda Schoene and Lisa Brenskelle in thoughtful discussion on Food for Life, The Spirituality and Ethics of Eating, each Wednesday at 6 p.m. from Oct. 19 – Nov. 30 (no class on Nov.23, due to the Thanksgiving holiday) The book may be purchased online.