Inquiring into the Faith

Martin Luther, in his reform of the church in the sixteenth century, considered that faith in God is a gift. If you are reading this page, you may have discerned that something is awakening in you that makes you at least curious about Christian identity or even what it might mean to be a Lutheran Christian. Or you may be a regular visitor or an active member of our congregation and also noticing faith (or the tug between faith and doubt) at work in your life. Christ the King Church is a welcome place for you to pursue faith — faith in God, whom we confess is alive and active in the world, even when at first glance it may seem otherwise.

One of the best ways to explore faith in God is through participation in the life of a congregation. Through active involvement in worship, study, prayer, service, and acts of giving, Christians often discover that God is dynamically active in increasing faith. There are multiple opportunities to uncover God’s bringing about faith in your life. We invite your eager participation, or, if you are just curious, to come and see what we do and explore how you might become a part of our life together.

Throughout the year, classes are held for those inquiring about faith in God who creates something out of nothing, who raised Jesus Christ from the dead, and whose Spirit is moving and working in our world. Or, if you are not ready for a class but would like to be in conversations with one of our pastors, we welcome you to inquire.